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In March 2008, Tricked Out Car Club (TOCC) was founded in Bay County, Florida with the goal of an International Car Club designed around the people, cars, and the uniqueness of the communities for each local club. A club that was friendly and respectable, and a club that was well organized and professional. One big club across the globe, all acting as one small family.

Along with this desire, and because of our appreciation for fine automobiles of every kind, we decided to open our membership to all makes and models, together under one roof. In order to respect and organize the various makes, we have created a unique system of “teams,” which allows us to do this very effectively. Since we all love the smell of burnt rubber and the glow of Oznium LEDs, TOCC ended up being the perfect fit!

If you want to meet a great group of people who care about cars and the people who drive them, TOCC is the place for you. We currently have several teams up-and-running, and hope to have more teams started soon. From clean, stock rides -to- fully modified beauties, TOCC has a free membership ready for you. There are many ways to participate, from basic membership -to- support staff, and your family is always welcome.

To learn more about TOCC or to interact with fellow auto enthusiasts, check out the TOCC Forums. Lots of useful info and fun times to be had. You will have access to lots of extra forum boards inside of the TOCC forums once you activate your free account so sign up today! And once you join Tricked Out Car Club as a true club member (versus a forum member), you gain access to even more boards!

If you are interested in joining our club, want to be part of a professional club and have a smooth ride, TOCC has a free membership for you. If we do not have a club started in your city yet, we will work with you to build one up that puts your community first! Currently, we have TOCC clubs in:


2014 Officially licensed Tricked Out Car Club chapters:


TOCC America

Panama City, Florida (Headquarters)

Lawton, Oklahoma

Yuba City, California


TOCC International


South Africa


We are community-based and community-driven; we care greatly about the people and places of our neighborhoods and towns throughout the United States and beyond. Please contact us for more information.


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