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From time to time, we will release information to the public about club business and activities. This information will be posted here, in the form of press releases and in other venues such as the news paper, the television or other publications. If you are in need of additional data, please use our contact page and we will be happy to provide this to you. If you are looking for TOCC banners and images to use on your site or article, please check the TOCC Press page.

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Over the past few years, Tricked Out Car Club has kicked up some dust along the roads we travel.

In 2008, we built the club's foundation and completed our "Team" structure. We also forged partnerships with 28 car clubs across the globe, joined the BC4, became a organizing member of Friday Fest, brought the TOCC Forums online and added over 200 members! TOCC also won many Best Club awards at events and our members vehicles placed and carried the trophy home to the tune of 100+ awards. TOCC Giveback program handed out just over $1,000.00 to local charities and helped our partners raise even more.

In 2009, we continued to expand the club in all directions. We forged partnerships with 12 more quality clubs and became closer friends with many of the existing ones. We represented Friday Fest well along with the Seafood Festival and dozens of other venues with our shiny rides and friendly faces. All told, we attended over 120+ auto events and took home the title of 2009 Breakway Dragway Winners in the Bay County Car Club Challenge. We expanded to the tune of 450+ families, worldwide, and then cut 160 members from our lineup, and then added more back in through our qualification process. TOCC Giveback program gave over $5,000.00 to local charities and we helped our partners give approximately another $14,000 to local charities. We restructured the club to better handle our size and to prepare for our future endeavors, which includes trucks and motorcycles. 

In 2010, we once again completed several refinements in our Team and Club Structure, added in another 322 active members with another 31 in the intro stage. We set our goals high for 2010, and came in second with the Bay County Car Club Challenge, represented at Friday Fest with 100+ TOCC members in attendance each month, we have been extremely busy and having a blast! Winning awards and taking home the track wins...Tricked Out Car Club is rolling strong. TOCC Giveback was able to give back just over $8,000.00, which is all from YOUR attendance at our two annual car shows.  We are running strong with 450+ families across the globe.

In 2011, we have reworked the TOCC Forums, held a fun and successful car show back in April for the kids of Oakland Terrace Elementary School, raced in the first series of the BC4 car Club Challenge and sit in first place currently, attended numerous car shows for our partner clubs, hit some cruise-ins, had tons of fun at our member mod days, movie nights, and knocked out a TOCC Fun in the Sun Event for the members. Well, we have done so much more than this, but you get the idea. TOCC Giveback has been active in 2011, but with all the effort, we came in at $6,400, which was lower than we strived for. The journey was still worth it, but we were rode hard to get here! We built up to 620 Families at our 2011 peak, with over 1,200 people and 750+ vehicles.

In 2012, we started out the gate with a positive jolt forward, a surge in membership, our website racing along with stellar stats, and our facebook page rocketing along... and all of us in TOCC with "renewed expectations" for a positive & quality 2012! In light of this vision, it was decided to close several smaller TOCC chapters, restructure the forums, the website, and adjust most all general operating procedures, rework sponsor packages & requirements, and complete a number of other actions to optimize us for the 2012 environment. One of the hardest things we have to do is the removal of people from TOCC, and unfortunately, we had to cut 105 members (worldwide in Dec '11/Jan '12) to allow us to better serve those that are dedicated & active with us currently. Because of our large size that has had rapid & continual growth from day one of operations, we have to "carefully maintain" our membership roster to best represent TOCC.

Lots of things still happening, and lots of determination & expectations of making 2012 a year for the TOCC history books! Stay tuned for more news.  



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