Frequently Asked Questions

From time to time, we will publish the questions we receive to further help you more-easily understand TOCC.


Q: How many cars do you represent?
A: Our member base varies almost daily, but as of February 1, 2014, we have 325+ families, representing hundreds of vehicles that make up the various teams of Tricked Out Car Club. And with our various TOCC chapters around the globe, we are in touch with hundreds of auto enthusiasts and attend dozens of events each year. If you are a auto enthusiast, TOCC is a great way to continue your auto enjoyment and be an active part of your community while working to build a better tomorrow for our communities.  


Q: How often do you meet?
A: Regular meets are held once or twice a month. We also hold mod day meets, timed to fit our members' busy and varied schedules. Beyond that, on special occasions, we travel out of town (or out of state) to national car shows and we frequent local car shows, and represent our family-network of car clubs many time monthly. And we do a Third Thursday Family Dinner Night, and varied movie days/nights, cookouts, boating trips, beach trips, family fun nights, and much more. We even have our own exclusive spot at Friday Fest and we will support most any charity or other community event whenever possible. Our club was build for the community, by the community and we care greatly about the area as a whole.


Q: What brand of automobiles does the club represent?
A: Our club structure is designed to showcase any and all makes and models. That's right, we are a multi-branded car club that loves the pure power of V8s, the refined style of the imports, and everything in between. If you have a clean ride that you are proud of, contact us and allow us the opportunity to further discuss TOCC. You do not have to "show" your ride to be a member. If you prefer to simply hang out and/or help us behind the scenes, we welcome you and hope you will contact us. We welcome tricked out trucks and bikes too!


Q: Can I be a member of TOCC in addition to my current car club?
A: No. Our wish is to partner with quality clubs, both locally and throughout the United States, and to represent each other in a friendly, professional manner. To do so, we believe recruiting from other clubs is a big no-no and should not exist. We also do not think dual enrollments work very well nor allow a member to fully belong to either club. We will, however, be happy to promote your club's events and be friends and even offer advice & assistance where we can. We are always looking to meet fellow enthusiasts across the globe, without recruitment pressure.


Q: Do you require things outside of the club or away from events? 
A: No. Each person in TOCC is a "free member of this community organization" (and is a free agent of themselves), and solely responsible for their actions. Being a member  of TOCC is something that will fit into your life, and add to it, by your participation. We do not evade your personal space, or need to know where you live, or who your friends are, or what you do to make a living (as long as it is honest work), your past, etc.. This is a very organized club that operates easily with only a little effort from you.

Diversity & individuality is encouraged while being friendly, respectful & professional. And we promote a positive outlook in life and that is all that we assume about you being  here, too!  


Q: Is Tricked Out Car Club a national club?
A: Yes. While we are founded and based in Panama City, Florida, we are always looking for quality people to represent us across the globe. Currently, we have members in 16 states and three countries. If you feel you have something to contribute, please use the contact us page and tell us about yourself. You join ONE CLUB, ONE FAMILY when you join TOCC.


Q: Does it cost money to join?
A: Membership is free. There are no requirements on giving to help the club in any way. TOCC makes no money, nor do we keep any of it from our shows. We do not even buy club needs with show funds, as every penny we can squeeze out is handed right to out TOCC Giveback recipients.


Q: Does the Tricked Out Car Club allow stock cars to join?
Yes and no. While we do allow stock rides to join, they must be well-maintained for them to be considered  for display. Since we are a car club, the cars will be in the spotlight and represent us to the car community. Small mods are encouraged and shiny, happy rides are expected. 

With that said, let me say that the Tricked Out Car Club is about equality to all. Everyone will be treated fairly and we will  find a way for you to participate, regardless of the ride you roll in! That means if your ride is not just-right at the moment, you could still join and help with meets, shows and fund-raisers, while we help you make your ride shine. We can help you with the transformation too. TOCC means people first. We believe you should join a car club before you begin the modding journey to gain from the expertise and connections of your club. TOCC certainly has both of those. 


Q: What are the rules of your club?
A: We believe that a club that is built on respect towards all people, regardless of the rides, will build a true "family" that will care about and look after one another sincerely and for that, we will not need a book of rules full of complications. We believe treating people right is simple. So, we have three words of guidance that everyone adheres to; Friendly, Respectful & Professional. That means everyone will be treated fairly and equally as one - without power hungry officers. We do not allow cliques, drama or disrespect towards anyone. You can read the complete listing of guidelines, please visit the Join TOCC link. If you like to be positive in life and do good things with your time, we are a club/family you should seriously consider. All others need not apply, as you will not be happy here.

Friendly, Respectful & Professional is the TOCC way!